Qualifications for a state

To achieve official status as a state is an important step towards restitution and increased influence. According to the Montevideo Convention, a sovereign state should possess the following qualifications:

1. A permanent population

2. A defined territory

3. Government

4. Capacity to enter into relations with the other states

Atlantiqa will fulful all these criteria in time. The current approach is the following:

1. A permanent population A criteria that assumes a defined territory, somthing that will be fulfilled when this is accomplished (see item 2)

2. A defined territory Negotiations will begin with a couple of islands in order to resurrect Atlantis on existing territory. Meanwhile, the state of Atlantiqa has claimed the fomerly unclaimed 90-150 degrees West Antarctica. See image below.

3. Government As a true democracy every citizen will be a minister, and thereby part of the government. If you are interested in assisting the state of Atlantiqa, please contact us.

4. Capacity to enter into relations with the other states Will follow immediately by item 3.

The summary of the above is that the state of Atlantiqa in the near future will fulfil all qualifications for a state and will thereafter claim its rightful recognition as such by the rest of the world.
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