The Sovereign Nation of Atlantiqa is a transnational state, established to unite political representatives, intellectuals, merchants, workers, the opressed, and all freedom striving men and women on planet Earth. The state of Atlantiqa offers citenzenship to all refugees and stateless people and to everybody seriously working for human rights and to those who have a wish to achieve a higher existence.

The state of Atlantiqa shall be built upon a constitution describing and setting forth the rights and liberties of its people. The state of Atlantiqa, its foundation being the preservation of freedom, privacy, and the individual safety of its people shall exist perpetually. The state of Atlantiq represents the post-modern state.

Atlantiqa is a temporary state, whose purpose is to reinstate the prosperity and the good-health that once prevailed on Atlantis. When this objective is accomplished, Atlantiqa will transform to the sovereign state of Atlantis.
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