”There once was an island among the many islands in the ocean, and it was large, rich and fair. Its mountains, its plains, its groves and gardes, everything owned strange beauty. Delightful and wonderful things were offered in countless ways on this blessed island. Its largest canal and the largest harbor were crowded with ships and merchants. Innumerable generations had lived there lawfully and in virtue, worshipping Poseidon, whose descendants they were.”

Platon, the only chronicler of Atlantis


Future citizens of the state of Atlantiqa have, as citizens of other states and nations, increasingly been obstructed from develop themselves as well as commercial businesses. They have been subjected to extensive governmental control and oppression. Combined with a pervasive conformism in society and a prevailing ”tall poppies syndrome”, these societies have completely lost the ability to achieve the goals their initial founders have had.

The state of Atlantiqa takes on the task to release these likeminded people by establishing the independent and sovereign state of Atlantiqa.

Declaration of sovereignty

The undersigned person, representing the people of Atlantiqa – the resurrection of Atlantis –, a micronation organized and based upon the ancient heritage of Atlantis, constituting persons of many lands and nations, having been the subject of religious and commercial persecution and harassment, with limited human rights and restricted personal freedom, hereby declare my desire and intent to formalize a sovereign government and nation, independent of outside influence, to guide and protect the people of Atlantiqa.

Peter Siljerud, in the year 2009
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